About me

I am a recent Ph.D. graduate from the Department of Physics and Astronomy at West Virginia University. I love to solve problems, and have acquired lots of skills in solving problems during my undergrad and grad school.

During my graduate school, I developed techniques to automatically detect and analyze rare astrophysical events in hundreds of terabytes of data. These algorithms are now being used at some of the largest radio telescopes in the world, saving thousands of hours from manual processing. For my undergraduate thesis, I developed an algorithm to optimize high throughput data processing at a radio telescope. I used Machine Learning (Clustering, Random Forests, CNNs), Monte Carlo, outlier detection, and statistical modeling techniques to solve these research problems. I am now ready to apply these techniques to solve real-world problems and make a meaningful impact on society.

When not thinking about solving problems, I spend my time cooking, reading and writing (Quora and Medium). I am a fan of thought-provoking movies (feel free to suggest any underrated ones!).