About me

Originally from Roorkee, a small town in Uttarakhand, India, I went to IIT Ropar for my undergrad in Electrical Engineering. After a summer internship at DISTORTION group at the Raman Research Institute and a couple of projects at National Centre for Radio Astronomy, I decided to pursue a PhD in radio astronomy. The transition from Electrical Engineering to an astronomy PhD was pretty interesting, and I plan to write about it in a blog someday.

Currently, I am a final year PhD student in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at West Virginia University. I primarily work on search and analysis of FRBs using various algorithms and machine learning techniques.

When not thinking about FRBs, I spend my time reading. I used to read fiction and philosophy but nowadays I am mostly into non-fiction like world history and biographies. I also like to write, and used to write blogs on the following platforms: Quora and Medium. I am a fan of thought provoking movies, and have seen almost all the good ones (feel free to suggest any underrated ones).